Babaeng Hampaslupa Feb 7 2011 Episode Replay

[postlink][/postlink][img][endimg][playlist][endplaylist][video]kNhJcS1_Hpo,gkC407ekMII,Cr3DV6ttJxE[endvideo][starttext]TV5 proudly brings together three of the finest actresses in the country in its first primetime drama offering: the classic story of three women fighting for love, respect and redemption set against the colorful backdrop of the Chinese community.

As each woman is confronted by a crisis in her life, she is forced to tap into her inner strength and will to survive and fight back against all odds, and in the process discovering something new about their real identities, along with the realization that there is more to who they think they are and how the world perceives them to be.

The trials they face and overcome in this series are like diamonds of opportunity that allow them to shine in their performances in this series.

Combining the most respected names in the industry with some of the freshest faces in Philippine TV.

Main Cast
* Susan Roces as Helena Sy
* Alice Dixson as Dianna Torres
* Alex Gonzaga as Grace Villaroman/Gracie Torres

Supporting Cast
* Alwyn Uytingco as Nato
* Mart Escudero as Andrew
* Karel Marquez as Stephanie
* Dianne Medina as Beauty
* Freddie Webb as George Wong
* Marita Zobel as Elizabeth Wong
* Celso ad. Castillo as Master Ming
* Jay Manalo as Charles Wong
* Bing Loyzaga as Katarina Wong
* Christian Vasquez as William Wong
* Vandolph as Redentor
* Anne Villegas as Dora
* Jenny Quizon as Josephine
* Susan Africa as Epang
* Julio Diaz as Tomas
* Dolphy Jr. as Manuel
* Shiela Marie Rodriguez as Margaret

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babaeng hampaslupa


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