Krusada Feb 4 2011 Episode Replay

[postlink][/postlink][img][endimg][playlist][endplaylist][video]cFWBmw2JVYg,shdIIY5mpvA,n-NZbm_Ud8I,ZHGmETuyg14[endvideo][starttext]The crusade of the Filipino for the Filipino is about to begin. From ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, comes a program with the courage to take a stand and fight for change in the country� �Krusada.� �Krusada� will start acting on and responding to the biggest and most pressing issues in each sector of society, spearheaded by the best and veteran journalists of ABS-CBN such as Ted Failon, Ces Drilon, Henry Omaga-Diaz, Lynda Jumilla, Gus Abelgas, Dyan Castillejo, Karen Davila, Julius Babao, and Noli �Kabayan� De Castro.

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